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You Are a Shield about Me (Psalm 3)

Series: Psalms (Worshipping God)

1) David's response to his situation: YHWH, protect me, strike, and shame my enemies

2) The results of David's response:

  • (vs. 4) The Lord answered from his holy hill
  • (vs. 5-6) David slept, awoke, and was not afraid
  • (2 Samuel 15-19) Davide acted appropriately toward evil enemies
    • He meekly understood he could be in the wrong (2 Sam. 15:25-26)
    • He was not filled with hatred - vengeance was not on his mind (2 Sam. 16:9-13)
    • His action to take down God's enemies was not hasty or blood-thirsty (2 Sam. 18:5; 19:16-40)

Concluding Applications from Psalm 3

  1. Salvation belongs to YHWH.
  2. Jesus is the ultimate kingly example of faith in YHWH when there seems to be no hope.
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