Class Material

Class Material

Exodus: So That My Name May Be Proclaimed

This is a booklet meant to promote the self-discovery of major themes and applications in Exodus. This booklet contains 18 lessons. Choose between docx, pages, and pdf file formats (pdf downloads usually preserve the cleanest layout).

(Updated August 11th, 2015)


The book of Exodus picks up with Jacob’s family outside of the land of promise in Egypt. Time has passed and the people of Israel are no longer a small family of 70, they have multiplied and increased greatly. When a new king takes the throne in Egypt, he decides to enslave the people of Israel out of fear for Israel’s might. The Israelites were burdened with hard labor. But God had promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob many times that he would bless their offspring and protect them against their enemies. Exodus is the account of the Lord God displaying his power over Egypt so that his name would be proclaimed in all the earth.

With a shortened quarter, our goal is not to study every passage in Exodus. Exodus is a rich book about God filled with explicit explanations of the purposes behind God’s actions that we do not see elsewhere, so many of our discussions will focus on big picture views and theology (“studying God’s nature” - don’t be scared!). But Exodus is also about God’s people, so our discussions will be equally balanced with practical application. We will seek transformation, not mere information. Here are our goals:

  1. Observe God’s purposes in Exodus so we can gain a greater appreciation for God’s character and for the motivations behind God’s actions.
  2. Observe biblical themes preceding, continuing in, and beginning in Exodus so we can gain a greater appreciation for the cohesion of God’s word.
  3. Observe God’s relationship with his enslaved and subsequently redeemed people so we can make relevant application to our lives today.