Class Material

Class Material

Leviticus: Holy God, Holy People

This is a booklet meant to promote the self-discovery of major themes and applications in Leviticus. This booklet contains 16 lessons. Choose between docx, pages, and pdf file formats (pdf downloads usually preserve the cleanest layout).

(Updated November 6th, 2015)


Leviticus picks up with the newly redeemed Israelites at Mount Sinai. The tabernacle has been constructed according and God’s glory is resting there. But there is a problem. A holy God is dwelling among unholy people. What follows in Leviticus are God’s commands for how Israel can offer acceptable sacrifices and live holy lives so they can be a holy people for their safety and God’s glory.

But why is this important to us today? Leviticus is not commonly known to yield an applicable or enjoyable study. On the surface, this book can seem repetitive. But when we dig into the text and zoom out to see the theology, themes, and applications of this book in the rest of the Bible - Leviticus comes to life. This is because Leviticus is a shadow of the substance in Christ. Our goal will not be to memorize rituals for sacrifices and rules for cleanliness but to discover the greater message and application behind these details as Christians today.