Class Material

Class Material

Deuteronomy: A Call to Remember

This is a booklet meant to promote the self-discovery of major themes and applications in Deuteronomy. This booklet contains 19 lessons. Choose between docx, pages, and pdf file formats (pdf downloads usually preserve the cleanest layout).

Updated December 3rd, 2015.


The Israelites had wandered in the desert for nearly 40 years. When they hungered, God sustained them with manna. When they thirsted, God gave them water. The previous generation had completely died off in the desert. Now their children whom God had preserved all those years in the desert had grown and were about to inherit the land promised to their fathers. As this new generation moved into a land flowing with milk and honey, God gave one final message through Moses to Israel: remember. As they experienced the abundance of Canaan, they must not forget to love and obey YHWH. They must not forget what happened when their parents failed to do this.


Just as Israel needed a call to remember God while living in a land of great blessing, we who have an abundance of God’s blessings can certainly use this call today. If Moses himself failed to remember to honor God, we can fail too. Deuteronomy is unique in the Pentateuch as it teaches of the need to love God and his people more  relevantly, more simply, and more frequently than any other. As always, we will seek transformation, not mere information. Here are our goals:

  1. Understand, relate, and apply the blessings and dangers of Israel’s future prosperity to Western prosperity today.
  2. Observe how themes in Deuteronomy are seen in the rest of the Bible so we can appreciate the cohesion of God’s word and its application to us today.
  3. Become familiar with Messianic texts in Deuteronomy while also seeing how Deuteronomy exposes the old covenant’s emphasis on justification by faith.