Evangelism Material

Evangelism Material

The Story (Easy-to-Read Version)

The Story is meant to be an easy-to-use means of helping people see the big picture of the Bible's story and message in five lessons. In order to help new Bible students see the power of God's word, the lessons are driven by the teacher asking questions about a couple main texts. The thoughts written below each passage should not be considered as a script, but rather as a general suggestion for how to approach sharing the message of each text and concept. Not all minor Scripture references have to be used. All lessons can be taught in one hour or less. All Scripture references are in the ERV (Easy-to-Read Version) unless stated otherwise. The Easy-to-Read versions are for those whose first language is not English.

- The file with the name "ERV_TheStory" is the full text version.

- The file with the name "ERV_TheStory_Self-studyBooklet" does not contain the Bible text (in most places) and has spaces for students to write their own answers (both pdf and docx formats are available). 

- The file with the name "ERV_TheStory_Lesson 2 Scriptures" includes most of the Scriptures from lesson 2 from the ERV in order to make teaching the second lesson easier for those not using a booklet (there are more Scripture references in lesson 2).

In progress:

  • "The Story" translated into Simplified Chinese.
  • "The Story Lesson Book" translated into Simplified Chinese.

Self-study booklet, lesson 3 updated 6/8/2018.