Class Material

Class Material

Numbers: Faithless People, Faithful God (Overview)

This is a booklet meant to promote the self-discovery of major themes and applications in Numbers. This booklet contains 7 lessons and is only a brief overview of Numbers. Choose between docx, pages, and pdf file formats (pdf downloads usually preserve the cleanest layout).

Updated 9/3/15


Numbers begins with the Israelites still safe and sound at Mount Sinai, but this does not last long. The commandments have been given in theory from Exodus to Leviticus, but trusting God in real life becomes very difficult once Israel hits the road. What follows in Numbers is the story of how God both destroyed and sustained Israel’s numbers in the midst of a rebellious generation.

This book is filled with famous narratives and a smattering of teachings pertaining to the people of Israel that contain great application for us today. It is easy to trust God when all is peaceful, but will we still rely on God when the battles are tough? We will seek to apply both Israel’s mistakes and God’s faithfulness as we study Numbers.