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Goals for Christ's Body (Ephesians 4:13-16)

Series: Ephesians (Your Identity in Christ)

Christ has reconciled us to God in one body through the cross. If we will be built together by the Spirit as a dwelling place for God, we must grow together. We must not only maintain our unity, we must also attain to the goals Christ has given us in his body. The problem is that individuals and churches often leave behind Christ’s goals for the body to pursue personal goals and desires. Many turn the body of Christ into something we “go to” to get something they want. We might “go to church” to feel religious, to feel good, or to help our kids grow up “in church” and have good friends. Sadly, these goals are often reflected in what we do, discuss, and prioritize in our assemblies, small groups, and personal lives. “Unity” and “soundness” end up being judged by a few external identifiers and whether we can gather for a couple hours without fighting. We must carefully judge where our thinking is so we can mold our goals for the body to match Christ’s. Only then can we grow towards the end Christ planned for us. We will consider Ephesians 4:13-16 where Paul gives four goals for Christ’s body to grow toward. These goals will give us practical direction and purpose in our activities together. We are to serve and build up the body of Christ until we all … what?

  • ... Attain to the Unity of the faith/of knowing the Son of God (13)
  • ... Have Maturity measuring up to Christ’s stature (13)
  • ... Are No longer children tossed by every teaching, but able to speak the truth in love (14-15)
  • Each part is equipped and working properly (16)
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