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Lessons from Believing Unbelievers in John

Examples of believing unbelievers

  • Nicodemus (John 3:1-21)
  • Five thousand who sought Jesus (John 6:22-71)
  • The "offspring of Abraham" (John 8:28-59)
  • Many of the Jewish authorities (John 12:37, 42-43)

What is real faith that leads to us not perishing but having eternal life?

  • Faith is not mentally agreeing with the fact that Jesus is someone great, it is calling him Lord and trusting him in a way that...
    • Seeks to be reborn;
    • Comes out of darkness, willing for sin to be exposed;
    • Seeks Jesus for Jesus, not for stuff he gives us;
    • Accepts we are blind and enslaved;
    • Abides in Jesus' word and seeks truth in Jesus;
    • Loves glory from God, not glory from man.

Hope in Stories of Faith Being Transformed in John: Peter and Nicodemus

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