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Faith in Fear (Habakkuk 3)

Series: Habakkuk (Faith in Uncertainty)

The past couple of weeks have brought a number of difficult situations for Christians we know. Two Christian friends have miscarried. Two Christians among us have lost their jobs without any warning from their employers. We said goodbye to a new brother who may deal with persecution in China. It has been a time to cast many cares on God. Habakkuk was pleading with God about a horrible situation in Judah. The weak and righteous were surrounded and harmed by those who claimed to be God’s people. Instead of promising Habakkuk another reformation like Josiah’s, God responded by raising up the godless Chaldeans to judge Judah. Habakkuk was stunned. His home, his people, and everything physical he knew would soon be gone. But in our last two lessons, God has has made two promises: the righteous will survive by faith and the Chaldeans will die for their arrogance.

This is a great promise; yet, we know this does not make steadfast faith in uncertainty easy. Doubt and dissatisfaction are easy. But this book teaches us to respect the difficult situations God expects us to trust him in. God calls us to have faith in fear. If we have not yet experienced suffering, Elihu in Job 33:29-30 insinuates that God allows it to come two or three times in one’s life. Recognizing this - whether trials are now or later - we will see tonight proof that God really can move us from doubting him to trusting him in uncertainty. Life is uncertain, but our study will help us put faith in a certain place so our souls have stability when life is unstable.

  • Repeat Your Work (3:1-15)
    • Verses 3-7: God’s majesty and rule over the nations
    • Verses 8-15: God is a warrior who judges the wicked to save his people
    • *This is a key transformation from Habakkuk’s previous words (cf. Habakkuk 1:2-4, 13-14, etc.)
  • Faith That Survives and Pleases God (3:1-19)
    • Faith survives by asking God for mercy in wrath (3:2)
    • … by praising God for past salvation (3:2-15)
    • … by waiting on God to judge enemies (3:13-16)
    • … by admitting fear to God (3:16)
    • … by rejoicing in God in plenty and lack (3:17-19)


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