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LUKE: God's Promised King for All Nations

"Luke: God's Promised King for All Nations"

It was a dark time in Judea. Through the iron fist of Rome and Caesar, Herod ruled over the Jewish people. But God quietly began to notify the world that hope was being born into the world in the small, insignificant town of Bethlehem. His name was Jesus. He would not just be the hope of God’s people in Israel, he would be the hope of the nations. 


Each of the four gospels tells us the good news of Jesus from different perspectives. Luke shares this good news as a story that is new, yet very old. For those familiar with the story of Samuel and David, when you read the opening chapters of Luke gospel, it feels like you have read this story before. When you come to the end of Luke, Jesus tells us that if we don’t see his story in the Old Testament Scriptures, we have been foolish and “slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken.”


Who will bend the knee and kiss the Son? Our study of Luke will focus on how Luke shows us how through the very person of Jesus, God is setting up his king in Zion. This king and his kingdom are not for the powerful, are not for Israel alone, but are for all the humble among the nations. We will not be able to hone into every detail of Luke’s gospel; we will study Luke from a theological and practical perspective. As we see how God’s plan is for the lowly among the nations, we will turn to ask if we really fit the picture of true discipleship that Luke paints. We will keep an eye on Acts as well since Luke and Acts are meant to be read in close succession.


We will aim to see Jesus as the one whom all Scripture pointed to and we will aim to see what his true followers look like so we can properly reverence him as the King - the Son of David, the Son of Adam, the Son of God.