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Meeting with Kevin Clark

Please join us for a series of lessons by Kevin Clark. His theme is "Leveraging God’s Diverse Handiwork to His Glory."

Friday, October 22

     7:30 pm -- Seeing Ourselves as God Sees Us

Saturday, October 23

     9:30 am -- What the Bible Doesn't Say About Race

   10:30 am -- Becoming All Things to All Men

Sunday, October 24

     9:30 am -- How Can We Be One in Christ?

   10:30 am -- A Spiritual Approach to Injustice

Fri & Sat Zoom link:     Meeting ID: 862 1934 5305     Passcode: 321364

Sunday Zoom link:     Meeting ID: 911 5800 2355     Passcode: 013034

COVID-19 protocol: we have designated 1 of 4 sections in our auditorium for those who prefer to wear masks and to social distance.

Please see Alston Road church of Christ's Facebook page for a couple of videos from Kevin which briefly describe the scope of his presentations.